Benefits of Ready in Five


People who are regularly active are consistently more productive than those who aren’t – they have better executive function, more energy, less stress, clearer minds, more confidence, better memory, enhanced concentration and more creativity.

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Why Ready in Five

When you work with Ready in Five, you are creating culture, lowering barriers and promoting wellness for your employees and organization.

Create Culture

When you work with Ready in Five, you are making wellness part of your culture. You are signaling to employees its importance by starting key meetings with movement. It is good for your employees and good for business!

Lower Barriers

By making Ready in Five part of your day-to-day, you are lowering barriers so that employees don't have to add anything else to their already busy calendars to focus on their wellness. Employees start to understand that wellness and work go hand-in-hand.

Promote Wellness

This short and effective session plants the seed and can be the catalyst for employees to focus more on their wellness and access more EAP resources that can help them to be at their best, both at work and at home.

Reporting & Evaluation

We are committed to continuous improvement and working with our customers to achieve the highest value on investment possible. We have a rigorous evaluation framework to keep an ongoing finger on the pulse of your team. 

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