Making movement part of the agenda.

Experience the immediate cognitive advantages of movement

Boost energy & productivity 

Build team culture & break the ice

Relax & recharge

Refresh & Refocus

Choose the package that is right for your team

Elite Athletes

Your Ready in Five Experience is led live by a high-performance athlete! 


Easy to schedule and simple to implement.


Work with the Ready in Five team to design unique, bespoke experiences tailored to your team's direct needs.

Social Impact

For every experience booked we donate one to students and schools.


Ready in Five Experience

The Launch



Ready in Five Experiences

THe Launch



Ready in Five Experiences

The Launch Champion


Custom & Enterprise Solutions

Contact us for custom and enterprise solutions. Let's build something special together!


Give the gift of readiness.

Share the power of movement, insight, and connection.

Send any Ready in Five package as a gift to your clients, partners or friends. 

All gifts are delivered with a custom video card by a Ready in Five athlete!

Evaluation & Reporting

We are committed to continuous improvement and working with our customers to achieve the highest value on investment possible. We have a rigorous evaluation framework to keep an ongoing finger on the pulse of your team. 

"It's beginning to open my perspective. Admittedly, I was not supportive of the idea of exercising (albeit lightly) between tranches of workflow. I thought it would be more interruptive, distracting and even disingenuous under our recent circumstances of reorganization. Turns out, there's something to be said about using Ready in Five sessions as a mechanism to help the individual synapses and also provide a degree of "leveling the field" for the team. Of course, and most importantly, I did NOT have to wear any gym shorts, sweat bands, or Lululemon outfits."

Participant after a meeting launched with Ready in Five

Booking your Ready in Five Experience

Now that you've purchased your package, learn how to book Ready in Five into any online meeting or event of your choice!

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