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For Educators

Bring Ready in Five into your online classroom

Bring Energy & Wellness to Online Classrooms

Increase enjoyment, engagement and wellbeing of students


Students have the special opportunity to interact with the world's top athletes



Support the world's best athletes by providing meaningful work

How does it work?

Hop In

The teacher provides the online classroom link before the class starts when they register for a session. The athlete logs into the class ~10 minutes before start time to make sure their technology is working. They are also available to chat with students before the class starts.

Get Moving!

After the teacher launches the class, the athlete will lead a 5-minute movement experience specially created for students.

Jump Out

Once the 5-minutes of movement is over, the athlete logs out and you are good to go! 

(Teachers also have the option to request that the athlete stays in the class for an extra 10 minutes to answer students' questions, if this fits into the lesson plan. This is left to the discretion of the teacher and the athlete.)

For Educators: List

"The biggest impact I saw was with students wanting to do more of Ready in Five. It also helped facilitate conversations about physical as well as mental exercise. It was great how it was presented as exercise and also as a learning tool. 

It was a positive in getting students engaged in quite a different way than they normally are. I had students ask if we were going to do it more. I thought they were asking because they wanted to make sure that they weren't doing it again but they were actually wanting to and were hopeful there was more. I think this has to do with it giving them something different to do and become engaged with. It also has to do with Dallas and how he was able to hold their attention and lead them through the exercises as well as explain why they are important and helpful."

Shane Johnson

Online Teacher

Palliser Beyond Borders, Palliser Regional Schools

The Gift of Ready in Five

Request to have Ready in Five

launch your class

The Gift of Ready in Five

Ready in Five's Learning Launch Program is free to teachers and students thanks to our corporate customers!

For each session purchased, we donate one to schools.

We commit to delivering Ready in Five into a class for 1-week at a time based on availability.

If you would like Ready in Five to become a regular part of your classes, learn how you can get an education sponsor dedicated to your classroom.

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