How do I invite my Ready in Five Athlete?

Invite to your meeting. Once your athlete is confirmed, we will send the meeting invite to the athlete's email. 

How does the Ready in Five Athlete introduce themselves and their role in the meeting?

Before each session, all participants of the meeting are sent an email with an introduction to Ready in Five and the athlete so everyone knows what to expect.

To launch the Ready in Five session for the meeting, it is the responsibility of the facilitator of the meeting or whoever booked the Ready in Five session to hand the stage over to the athlete. 

Athletes are also available before the start of meetings to casually chat so participants can get to know them.

What kind of meeting software can I use?

Ready in Five Athletes have experience using many types of video conferencing software including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoTo Meeting, Google Hangouts, BlueJeans, Skype, and more!

What is a Campaign?

A campaign is a series of insights or messages compiled under a specific topic that we deliver over a 30, 60, or 90 day period to your team as a part of the Ready in Five experience. These topics can serve to reinforce your own culture and the themes within it.

Can't I just do this myself?

You can! We hope to make this commonplace in the future.


We put a lot of thought into the design of the experience in order to meet your team's needs. Our experiences are designed by the experts in kinesiology with a keen understanding of where we are trying to deliver your team. The sessions are designed to be minimal time and effort with maximal results. We are training our clients brains to enter a state of relaxed awareness or (alpha brainwaves) while also using contralateral movements to increase the connectivity between the hemispheres of the brain to increase lateral thinking and creativity.

Can I participate with my camera off?

Of course. Our motto is, "choose your adventure." It's all about being comfortable while connecting with your team.

We do encourage teams to turn on their camera's as it signals to us that we are not alone, and that in fact we are moving toward something together. It might seem insignificant but when we interact with others and they can see us interacting with them we are connecting on a level that we cannot with the cameras off.