Grace Donaghy


Hometown: Lake Oswego, Oregon, USA

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Sports Administration, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


 Team History:

  • UNC Gymnastics 2016-2020 in Chapel Hill, NC. Go Tarheels!


Favorite movement routine

"Flow. The peace and mindfulness that comes with a good flow session is unparalleled."

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Big Idea that inspires you the most

"I love the idea that believing in oneself really can change an athlete or person. I saw it happen firsthand with my team senior year and it has stuck with me ever since. It is truly incredible what can happen when you and your teammates have your back 100%."

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Greatest moment in athletic career

"We had been struggling as a team to put everything together and one Monday meet we finally did. It was the greatest feeling in he world. We were all able to celebrate a win together and realized that we were capable of doing really well."

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