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Making Sure Your Team is Performing at Their Best
Has Never Been Easier.

Using our data-driven, athlete-powered leadership tool you can boost your remote teams' energy, connectivity,  and 
productivity in just 5 minutes while gathering valuable data to ensure the success of your workplace & wellness initiatives.

We radically improve online meetings & virtual events through 5-minute movement experiences led live by elite athletes.

Check out this video to learn how we are changing the world of corporate teams, athletes, and students.




What if the secret to being your best at work, while increasing your job satisfaction, is as easy as a five-minute movement experience led live by a high-performance athlete? Spoiler alert! It is. 

Ready in Five brings together cognitive science, elite athletes and you to radically improve working online. Delivered live by top athletes, Ready in Five supercharges online meetings and events with 5-minute movement experiences.

The Ready in Five Experience

Community + Movement + Insight

Use Ready in Five to...

Boost Energy

Meet the Athletes

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Zak Madell

Ready in Five Athlete

Wheelchair Rugby


"It's beginning to open my perspective. Admittedly, I was not supportive of the idea of exercising (albeit lightly) between tranches of workflow. I thought it would be more interruptive, distracting and even disingenuous under our recent circumstances of reorganization. Turns out, there's something to be said about using Ready in Five sessions as a mechanism to help the individual synapses and also provide a degree of "leveling the field" for the team. Of course, and most importantly, I did NOT have to wear any gym shorts, sweat bands, or Lululemon outfits."

Participant after a meeting launched with Ready in Five

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