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Launch your meeting with 5-minutes of movement led by an Olympian

How does it work?

Pick a time

We have solutions suitable for small teams or large corporations. You can add a Ready in Five Experience into a meeting or event at any time of day you want.

Select your athlete

Select your preferred athlete or let us pick for you.

Provide your online meeting link

Provide your pre-existing meeting invitation to your Ready in Five Athlete using the video conferencing application of your choice.

When booking, you also can make special requests. We are able to customize the sessions to create unique experiences tailored perfectly for your team. From weekly team meetings to birthdays, we have you covered!

Make a special request


The Meeting

How does Ready in Five work in your meeting?

Jump In

The athlete logs into the meeting ~10 minutes before the meeting start to ensure their tech is working and to be available to chat with participants as they arrive (no more awkward silence at the beginning of virtual meetings!). 

Get Moving!

The athlete will lead you through a 5-minute movement experience that is fun and inclusive.

Hop Out

Once the 5-minutes of movement is over, the athlete logs out and you are good to go!

The Ready in Five Experience

Energy Boost

Get your team excited, energized, and ready to do some incredible work!

Relax & De-Stress

Take the opportunity to step back from the work for a moment and relax. Perfect for teams who have been working hard and need a break!

Ice Breaker & Team Building

Gone are the days of awkward silence at the beginning of online meetings. This is an opportunity to build team connection and have some fun before diving into the agenda.

Recharge & Refocus

Take a break during a long meeting and get your team ready to finish the session with just as much energy as they started with.

All of our routines are done in either a standing or seated position.

We understand that some exercises may not be right for every participant, so our routines always have options to make the movements easier or harder and adapated for people of all abilities.

Example Ready in Five Experience

Who do we work with?

Business & Corporate

Schools & Education

Conferences & Events

We work in both important internal team meetings and for external facing events with clients and customers.

We work with schools and classrooms learning both online and in-person.

We help create a unique experience for attendees of conferences and events.

Are you Ready?

We are a social business.

For every session sold we deliver one for free to a classroom of students!

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