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Ready in Five founder on the 'Change the Game' panel unpacks progress made in women's sports

A lack of coverage in women's sports has been a longstanding issue, one that has frustrated many female athletes despite the notion that more steps have been made.

Former Canadian volleyball player, Jessie Niles and Ready in Five founder, took part in the panel.

From the conversation:

'If we can change the narrative..."
Investment from sponsors and media regarding coverage has also been a major issue. With the narrative surrounding women's sports considered risky due to female athletes not being seen as capable of achieving the same, if not better, viewership numbers as men, Niles feels investment can help incite societal changes.
"With my time on the national team, I always felt like 'oh, once we reach the next level' or 'once we qualify for the Olympics, then we'll be deserving of all this support and sponsorships," Niles said. "We kind of internalized some of these messages like 'Oh, we just got to win this.'
"If we change the narrative, it's not about the investment or numbers, but how can we invest in women to actually impact society in general using the stories of women to create broader change in the world."

Read the rest of the article here.

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