Program Reporting & Evaluation

When you work with Ready in Five you are investing in your team. You are signaling to your employees that you care about them and value them. Ready in Five is here to help you to support your employees to be healthy and productive. 

We are committed to continuous improvement and working with our customers to achieve the highest value on investment possible. We have a rigorous evaluation framework to keep an ongoing finger on the pulse of your team. 

Program Set-Up

We meet with you, the program sponsor or meeting lead, to understand:

  • What challenges is your organization currently facing?

  • What are your goals for your employees and organization?

  • What do you want to measure?

Based on our initial discovery, we design a custom evaluation framework specific to your organization. 

You also have the option to run a match comparison study with your organization to understand the specific impact of Ready in Five on your team.

To kickoff the program, we collect baseline data from your team in the form of a survey.


Ongoing Evaluation

After each Ready in Five Experience, participants are sent a short (1-min) survey to evaluate the following:


To evaluate the Ready in Five Experience delivery to calibrate and make ongoing adjustments as needed.


Short-term and immediate changes to evaluate the direct effects of Ready in Five on participants.


Your organization will have a custom company dashboard that you can access at any time to understand the outcomes and impact of Ready in Five on your team.

With the Ready in Five reports, you can start to understand the medium-to-long term impacts of the program on your organization and the value of your investment.

Sample Dashboard

Take a look at our dashboard used during our pilot phase

Book a Consult

Let's chat about what challenges your organization is facing and the goals you have for your team. In true Ready in Five fashion, we will kick our meeting off with a Ready in Five Experience, led live by an R5 athlete. We can discuss how Ready in Five aligns with your objectives and how we can work together to radically improve working online!

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