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Sara Villani

Team Canada Bobsleigh


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Sara is an Olympian and has a bachelor's degree in psychology and thanatology from Western University. Sara's first sporting love was gymnastics, but as she got older and taller, she was keen to find her next passion. Sara found success in her early high school track and field career, which inspired her to continue to pursue the sport at a university level. In her first year at university, Sara won the 2015 Junior National Championships in the heptathlon, which qualified her to represent Canada at the 2015 Junior Pan Am Games. In 2019, she earned 2nd place at the USports Championships in shot put. In 2018, Sara attended an RBC Training Ground and was recruited into the sport of bobsleigh. From 2019-2022, Sara made her presence known at the push start. In her third year in the sport, she produced no less than a top 8 push time in all 6 of her World Cup races as well as in her Olympic competition. She finished that year off with a bang by representing Canada at the 2022 Beijing Olympics!

Sara Villani
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