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Jessie Niles

About Us

Our Story

Ready in Five was started to unite the worlds of cognitive science, high-performance athletes and people aiming to do their best work.

The company was founded in the fall of 2020 by Jessie Niles, a recently retired professional athlete and member of the Canadian Women's National Volleyball Team.

As an athlete, Jessie was a natural analyst and creative thinker, always searching for a way to improve and help her team. When the global pandemic hit in early 2020, all of Jessie's training and competitions were cancelled, forcing her, like many, to train and work from home. During this time, Jessie recognized that there was a huge shift of businesses moving from physical offices to distributed workplaces, leaving people moving and exercising even less than they were before. She soon learned that globally, employers and employees are searching for ways to make remote work a success and are figuring out how to maintain and improve productivity and effectiveness. To solve this challenge, Jessie started Ready in Five. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare people to perform at their best when it matters the most.

We are a social business

Ready in Five is not only launching you to be at your best, but it is also changing the world of athletes and students.

Working with Ready in Five Athletes helps them to fund their pathway to the podium. Plus, for every session you book, we donate a session to a school to support students to do their best learning online.

A win for you, a win for athletes, and a win for students.

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Our Partners

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International Olympic Committee's Young Leaders Programme

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