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Radical Results in just 5-minutes.

Imagine the ability to actively enhance the culture, energy, and vitality of your remote team in the first 5-minutes of your meeting without any extra effort.

It's straightforward, seamless, and intuitive. Let us show you how it works!

How is Movement Enhancing
Meeting Outcomes?

We believe it's important to be able to do your best work consistently. In just the first 5 minutes of your meeting we help recharge your team's batteries and provide you with a means to measure the results. Furthermore, there is no need for additional work on your end.

We keep our approach simple and minimal for maximal results. The employee self-reporting data we collect provides you with the means to make better decisions for the vitality of your team without tying you down to your calendar.

Let's talk about what is right for you and your team. Book a discovery call and find out if we're a good fit for your team's needs.

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Our Productivity Playbook

The Ready in Five playbook has been curated specifically for remote teams by a global team of elite athletes.

Based in kinesiology and cognitive science, our 5-minute sessions are designed to effectively use five minutes to maximize the meeting outcomes and energize your team to perform at their best.


Immediate Benefits

Energy Boost

Recharge & Refocus

Relax & Destress

Break the Ice

Team Build

Collect Data with Reporting

Feedback from employees on metrics you decide are most important to inform your own initiatives and allocation of resources.

Reinforce Culture with Campaigns

Insights delivered through the live sessions that reinforce topics important to your team's wellness, effectiveness, and performance.

The Ready in Five Formula

Movement + Community = Connection

We believe connection precedes our best work. That's why we've designed novel shared experiences led by enigmatic characters like professional athletes with the power to deliver us into states of mind whereby we are primed to do better work. It's a powerful tool in the creation and maintenance of highly effective and highly connected communities.


Get to know Olympic, Paralympic, national team, and professional athletes from around the globe who launch your meeting with 5-minutes of movement.


We provide you with the tools to safely collect self-reporting data from your team in a respectful and anonymous manner that provides insights to best inform decisions around workplace and wellness initiatives.

Person Checking Data

Experience the immediate impact in your meetings. Easy to understand and much quicker learning curve than app-based solutions.

  • Boost energy & productivity 

  • Build team culture & break the ice

  • Relax & recharge

  • Refresh & refocus


Engage valuable stakeholders internally and externally. Build strong relationships through shared experiences.

For every session booked, we donate one to schools and students studying online.


Ready in Five supports the world's best athletes by providing meaningful work. We also donate to Canadian national sport organizations.


Easy to schedule and simple to implement.

We use your in-house video conferencing platform and pre-exisiting meetings so you can focus on your team not the technology.

Book a Discovery Session

Let's connect and find out what is right for you and your team today. It takes 20-minutes and we'll begin with a Ready in Five so you can experience the effects immediately.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"It's beginning to open my perspective. Admittedly, I was not supportive of the idea of exercising (albeit lightly) between tranches of workflow. I thought it would be more interruptive, distracting and even disingenuous under our recent circumstances of reorganization. Turns out, there's something to be said about using Ready in Five sessions as a mechanism to help the individual synapses and also provide a degree of "leveling the field" for the team. Of course, and most importantly, I did NOT have to wear any gym shorts, sweat bands, or Lululemon outfits."

Participant after a meeting launched with Ready in Five